"Update Required" error on iTune


Hi, I’m getting “Update Required” warning while trying to preview a project created with v6.2.8.
The iOS app is up to date and I’m on iOS 12.14.
Is anyone having the same problem too? Any ideas?


Hi there,

Could you please share with us a screenshot of your zapcode, your error, phone model (iPhone 6S, 5, X…) and any other useful information you think might help us?

Hope to hear from you soon,


Sure, please see the screenshot attached. This happens when I import a 3D file from scethcfab inside the studio and try to test it.



Hi @salihaksu,

To handle the addition of SketchFab and all our other new features, we have had to update of ZapWorks Studio and the Zappar app.

It is now in our pipeline to update the ZapBox app to allow these new features, but unfortunately until this has been released the use of SF will cause this error.

We will let you know on this post when the app has been updated.

Sorry for any inconvenience.



Hi George,
Thank you for the update,