[UPDATE: Download the full recap now!] ZapWorks X VRCraftworks - 'Selling the AR dream to brands'


Hello everyone,

I’m excited to share that we are hosting a webinar this week on Thursday 8th August - it would be great if you joined us!

What’s it about?

So, we all love AR - but how do we communicate its power and potential to brands who are less familiar with the technology? This webinar brings together an experienced expert panel to discuss how to showcase the commercial benefits of AR to potential clients.

Who’s it for?

Everyone is welcome! The webinar is primarily focused on helping agencies and creatives who are interested in (or currently) offering AR campaigns to brand clients, as well as hobbyists who are looking to go further with their AR skills. But all are welcome to join in, socialize and ask any questions.


Who’s on the webinar panel?

From the Zappar side, you’ll be in the capable hands Dave (Senior Marketing Manager) and Daniel (Customer Success Manager/really nice hair). And a bit of myself in the live chat.

We’ll be joined by Jack from VRCraftworks - a Brighton-based agency and longtime ZapWorks users who have worked on AR/VR campaigns with the likes of TUI, audible and Grosvenor Casinos.

How do I join in?

You simply click on this link, register and join us on Thursday at 4PM GMT. Don’t worry - once you’ve signed up, there’ll be an email to remind you so you don’t miss out.

Look forward to seeing you on Thursday :smiley:



Bump! Don’t forget, this is today at 4pm (GMT) :heart:


Hi everyone!

Phew - so, with a longer-than-advertised 90 minutes in our very, very warm board room, yesterday’s webinar was a lot of fun!

If you managed to make it, thank you so much for your contributions and for attending. It’s always exciting to see some familiar faces from the community involved and I hope you got some useful info and tips about how to show the commercial power of AR to potential clients.

If you didn’t (I promise we aren’t mad), don’t worry - you can catch-up with everything that happened yesterday, with full video and audio-only options:

:arrow_right: DOWNLOAD - ‘Selling the AR dream to brands’ ZapWorks X VRCraftworks webinar :arrow_left:

Perhaps you attended but want to re-live it all over again? By all means, do - there’s no judgement here.

Hope you enjoy it! And again - from myself, Jack at VRCraftworks and Daniel, thank you!



Dear James
Please don’t forget my question in the webinar.


Hello Miri - I can see your post in the Feature Request thread regarding this question too. I’ll make sure I and the support team look into it this morning and shall reply there :).