Hello guys,
Can anyone help on this?
How do I connect a page of my website to AR so that the user sees the models and after selecting and clicking on the “Try On” option, it enters the AR page so that the selected model is loaded from the database and placed on the user’s face?
I use Elasticsearch database. Also I used ready-made zappar projects and I don’t know exactly how to connect these to my website

Hi @ftmh.kamrani98,

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Projects created with the Universal AR SDKs are standard projects in your chosen library, with the added benefit of Universal AR to give it that AR flair. In otherwords, they are simply augmented reality enabled websites!

Therefore, if you already know how to add a certain functionality with your chosen library (or are confident to learn how), you should also be able to do it with the relevant Universal AR SDK, as the SDK is simply providing the camera, permissions, and appropriate tracker.

As this would be a three.js query rather than a Universal AR SDK query, I’d recommend taking a look at three.js’ extensive resources.

For example, three.js has some great documentation, particularly about 3D model loaders here. Additionally, the three.js forum is a great place to go for help with three.js projects: https://discourse.threejs.org/.

Finally, you have a couple of different options for connecting experiences to your website. I’d recommend taking a look at our hosting documentation for more information: Universal AR | Hosting.

Have a great day!

Francesca :blush: