Universal SDK for Unity on iOS14 not working!


With the latest update of iOS 14, we seen that the Universal SDK plugin for Unity is not working on WebGL output on Safari iPhone.

iPhone camera is not get accessing even after permissions are given. Looking for a fix for the same.

Any ideas or thoughts ?


Hi @smm!

We’re in the process of preparing a general update of our Unity plugin that fixes this and should be available in the next few days. In the meantime we have a workaround that should get you back up and running straight away.

Try editing the following file: Assets/Plugins/zcv.jslib

Around line 17, change the URL to https://libs.zappar.com/zappar-cv/0.2.11/zappar-cv.js

That version of the underlying computer vision library has the iOS 14 fixes.

Let us know if that sorts things out!