Universal AR +Unity + WebGL + iOS = Not Working


I tried to build the example for Instant Tracking then publish onto github for https clearance, then load it onto Safari on iOS12 but the loader keep rotating without actually showing anything.
Here is more detail on this issue
[WebGL][iOS]UniversalAR is not working · Issue #4 · zappar-xr/universal-ar-unity (github.com)


Hi @tng2903,

I believe that I have answered your support ticket, but just in case - I was unable to recreate this issue using an iPad with iOS 12 and the steps provided.

It looks like this particular issue will be contained on the for GitHub issue log for clarity, so if you have any further information to share, please post it on the issue thread.

Have a great day!
Francesca :blush:


Hello @Francesca,
Thank you for your response. I’ve already upload a reference project for this issue at https://github.com/tng2903/zappar-universal-testcase.git. I also agree that further discussion should be logged into Github issue page:D


Hello @Francesca it’s been 3 days since the last update, is there any news?


also, can you provide the project that verified to work on WebGL iOS?


Hi there @tng2903,

I have responded to your support ticket with more detail and a working test project.

In case this is helpful for anyone - requesting the mobile site for Safari seemed to solve a similar case.

Have a great day,
Francesca :blush:


I wanted to create a project through Unity 3d and Universal SDK. But my smallest weight is 300 MB. What about you?

I feel sorry for the money for the tariff, I still don’t use it…Have you returned money to anyone?