Universal AR SDKs for Three.js, Unity, A-Frame & more


Hey everyone! Today we’re announcing a suite of new SDKs we’re calling Universal AR. It let’s you build image, face and world tracked AR experiences with the platform of your choice - and deploy everywhere.

As you know, at Zappar we already provide a fully integrated suite of tools for building AR experiences but now, for the first time, we’re releasing our core computer vision technologies, including face tracking, image tracking and instant world tracking for you to use with the platform or creative tool of your choice.

Our initial set of supported platforms are:

  • For the web, ThreeJS, A-Frame and a pure JavaScript library
  • Unity, including WebGL output plus native iOS and Android

Find out more over on our blog post, or on our Universal AR page

I will be hosting a webinar on the 10th June where I will be answering any questions you might have on Universal AR live.

In the mean time we’d love to hear your thoughts on the new SDKs - feel free to message here.


Universal AR Launch

I am excited to try it. Is there any tutorial about using this SDK?



I tried but fail to work out. I add the a-frame code in the index.html and zip the web to publish.
After publish, the testing URL show 404

Any idea to fix?



I don’t see a version 1.0.2 uploaded there I’m afraid. There is a version 1.0.1, is that the one you’re looking for?




We don’t have specific tutorials yet bet we do have resources to help you get started:
https://docs.zap.works/universal-ar/ has documentation for our ThreeJS and A-Frame SDKs, with more to follow there soon
The NPM pages for the various SDKs and tools also have comprehensive readme files:
SDK for JavaScript: https://www.npmjs.com/package/@zappar/zappar
SDK for ThreeJS: https://www.npmjs.com/package/@zappar/zappar-threejs
SDK for A-Frame: https://www.npmjs.com/package/@zappar/zappar-aframe
ZapWorks Command Line Utility: https://www.npmjs.com/package/@zappar/zapworks-cli

In addition we have some example projects and bootstrap projects here:

Regarding the bootstrap projects, you can easily download them using the ZapWorks CLI if you have it installed, like this:

zapworks init myNewProject

Let us know if that helps! More materials on their way too :slight_smile:



Is it possible to use this SDK to get WebAR “face tracking, image tracking and instant world tracking” inside an Amazon Sumerian scene ?
If not, is it in your roadmap ?




We don’t currently have a specific SDK for Sumerian but it is something we’re looking at. In the mean time it may be possible to use our JavaScript SDK in there directly.



Thank you Connell.



I’m having issues with using A-Frame and Glitch. Whenever I load the website on my phone it freezes either after scanning the target image or for instant tracking it freezes after a second or two of the camera loading.

For reference here are the glitch projects I was trying it out on:
For this one I used the GitHub Instant tracker example -->

This one is an image tracking test.
(here is the link to the target image --> link)



Hi Gretchen!

It looks like this is a licensing issue - our libraries will automatically pass the licensing check if you are hosting locally or with ZapWorks, but you need to specially register any domain names you use if you are self-hosting elsewhere. We’ve updated the libraries to make this more clear and to avoid the freeze so try updating to version 0.2.2 of the Zappar for A-Frame library. We’ve also updated the documentation for the library to make things more clear - checkout the ‘Hosting and Publishing’ section here:

Let me know if that all makes sense :slight_smile:



Will there be a tutorial on how to create an experience from start to finish using one of the platforms? When I looked at the Hosting and Publishing section it goes into command-line tools and I’m not familiar with this and it would be helpful to see an experience built from scratch.

Also, what costs are associated with publishing an experience say with A-Frame? Do you need a paid Zappar account?



I’m trying to test out A-Frame. So I zipped and uploaded and get a 404 NoSuchKey error when I go to the published link. What could be wrong?



Thanks @connell . This is a very nice concept indeed.

I’ve also heard about Banuba’sFace AR SDK which works on Unity, iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS and lets developers integrate different Face AR features such as face filters, AR masks and emojis in the mobile or desktop apps.


Same for me!


Hi @RAVI3D! Make sure that what you uploading includes a index.html file :slight_smile: If you’re uploading a ZIP file, make sure that the index.html file is not within a folder inside the ZIP. Failing that private message me the URL you’re using and we’ll take a look :slight_smile: