Unity WebGL text flashing

So I’m testing my WebGL and found on some iPhones my text boxes both (TMP) and (Legacy) will flash.
I have tried turning off auto size for the font from a post I found. Now it doesn’t always happen so that doesn’t help things.


Can you provide more info about your setup? For instance, if it’s the scene text or UI text? iOS version? steps to reproduce?

Couple of pointers that comes to minds are:

  • Increasing near clipping distance or reducing far clipping distance. WebGL has limited to depth precision compared to native graphics API.
  • Switching your Unity Canvas Render Mode to Screen Space - Overlay or World Space.
  • Ensure it’s not a Z-fighting or canvas scale/dpi issue?


After playing with things it looks like it was one of my cameras.
After resetting it it looks like it has stopped flashing.