Unity WebGL Deeplink 404 error



I’ve been watching zappar for a while an i’m interested in seeing how well we could port a unity project to web AR, so i’m doing a simple test with a webgl build. I have everything set inside unity with the universal AR SDK package. It uploads and publishes fine, but when ever i go to the deeplink i just get a 404.

I’m not super familiar with webGL so any help would be appreciated!

the error:

404 Not Found

  • Code: NoSuchKey
  • Message: The specified key does not exist.
  • Key: yoz/2216003634601351687/ZapTest1.0.1/index.html
  • RequestId: 7D174E588ACE0C21
  • HostId: GHix5P56OpYNx/cxXdzDyzm1/HHOt97adsds0G5nBHRujLArjmjwdMmDxToCfo7IFBBYIOhEIxs=


Hi ibegabe,

We recommend you ensure that you’re uploading the folder which contains your index.html file. This error usually occurs if either no index.html file is found, or it’s been uploaded incorrectly.

Hope this helps,