Unity Webcam Issue

Excuse me, can somebody help me why this is happening?
When I use the external webcam, the play mode screen become black, and the webcam isn’t working, too.

Hey @409411542

Does it work with in-built webcam? Do you get any errors or warnings in editor console logs (you can change the zcv log levels from Zappar/Editor/Open Universal AR Settings menu)? Internally we use Microsoft Media Foundation to discover peripherals and create capture device, so if your webcam is discoverable in device settings with latest respective drivers it should work - generally.

Often times we found that user faced this camera issue either due to inaccessible camera device or blocked webcam settings internally (windows policy or antivirus programs). So you may want to check those.

Does the camera work normally in default camera app on windows? If so then do share your webcam details and driver version for us to look into specifics.