Unity SDK WebGL build


Hey Everyone!

Pretty new to Zappar, but been following for a long time. Very excited about the Universal AR SDK for Unity.

I am currently trying it out and am testing with the editor play-function on a Macbook. Everything seems to work as intended. But when I build the project for WebGL and then upload the contents via a ZIP file over the website. It does upload it. It does start it, but it doesn’t work. On my android devices the camera is opening but my Image-Target which is trained with a .zpt file is not recognized (again, works when in play-mode on the mac) and nothing is shown. When I use my broswer I get:

directoryNotFoundException: Could not find a part of the path '/https:/per.zappar.io/5657787218862215277/0.1.1/StreamingAssets'

when opening on an IPad I get an WebGL 2 error…

what is happening ? Is there a tutorial I am missing ?

Kind regards,



Hi Bruno,

This looks like an issue we have addressed in the latest release of the Unity SDK. You can find the download over at https://zap.works/universal-ar/unity/ :slight_smile:

All the best,