Unity issues with Chrome, also iOS 14


Does Universal AR for Unity work on iOS Chrome? All I get is a white screen.
Update: Apparently, the only camera-enabled browser on iOS is Safari.

On iOS 14, I get a white screen for 5-6 seconds before the camera activates.

I am using the iOS14 patch posted in this forum, because the absolute latest UAR Unity package was released after I started my project, and it crashes when I try to update it.


I have now deleted all Zappar resources from my project, installed the latest SDK package, and when I drag the Image Target prefab into my hierarchy, CRASH. Every time.

update: I got around this by creating a GameObject for my ImageTarget and ONLY adding the ZapparImageTrackingTarget, not the additional ZapparEditModeImageTarget that is on the Zappar prefab. No crash.

Camera will not initialize in Chrome.
Update: This is happening on devices running Android OS v9.

I still get the 5 second white screen on iOS 14 after I grant camera access, though. Is there any way to get rid of this?


Thanks for the update on iOS chrome!

I’m facing the same issue of 5-6 seconds of the plain white screen in iOS 14 Safari.