Unity 2020.1 Webcam Issues


I’ve been working on getting an idea of the pipeline for building with the Unity version of the Universal AR toolkit and I’ve been happy with the setup process and the ease of use so far, however I’ve not been able to do any reasonable testing as I seem to have some issue getting the camera working. So far I’ve been sticking to the prefab oriented workflow and I’ve been following the documentation to the letter, I did dig into the camera script a bit to confirm it matched up with the more advanced instructions but apart from that I’ve mainly just been adding the camera and an image target to try the platform out on android and webgl.

So far I haven’t seen the camera start on any platform, the editor included. I’m not seeing any particular errors pop up related to the process, although the editor logs have Warning: attempting to call funcName on a destroyed zappar_camera_source_t in various places with large stacks of
also present. If I’ve missed any important setup I apologize for the post but so far I haven’t been able to determine what the issue would be.

I appreciate your help on the topic!


Hi @ncsu-delta-vr,

It’s hard to narrow down what might be causing this without actually seeing the project. My advice would be to try removing the package and adding it back in again cleanly - to see if this fixes it. I’ve tested in Unity 2020.1 and the camera is running fine in the editor.

If you still can’t get it to work as expected, feel free to send the ZIP of your project to support@zappar.com and we will take a look for you.


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