How do I get an archived code to start working again? I thought I moved it to the active folder, but it still says archived when I scan it. We have printed 2000 of this code and really need it to work again! I can’t open the project file because there are no saves. How else can I restore this?


Did you restore the archived tag?
On the bottom right of your user page there is a button Zapcodes Archived.
When you will see a list of archived codes. You can select the one you want and Unarchive it.

Hope that helps



Hi @mgood,

Un-archived zapcodes aren’t published automatically. Widgets and Designer zapcodes can be published through ZapWorks, while Studio zapcodes can be published using the method described here.

Please note that if the Delete content option was selected when archiving the zapcode, its previous content can’t be made live by re-publishing.

All the best,


Darn, that’s probably what happened! I’ve got a code printed on a bunch of brochures that just doesn’t work anymore. If I rebuild the content, is there a way to force a existing code onto a new project?


Hey @mgood,

If you’re creating a Widgets or Designer experience you can build your content within the zapcode by selecting it from your ZapWorks dashboard (as long as it’s been un-archived first). This way when you publish, it’ll be published to the already printed zapcode.

With Studio experiences, you can publish to the zapcode once it’s been un-archived (the zapcode’s tool will have to be set to Studio).

One important thing to note is that you’ll have to use the same tracking image you’d used for your previous zapcode in your new experience, so that the content tracks effectively from the brochure.

Hope this helps. If you have any other questions let me know.

All the best,


What if I can’t find the correct coded project in my.zapworks? I seem to only have a png of the code that was printed…is there anyway to upload an existing code to a new project, instead of the other way around?


Unfortunately that isn’t possible @mgood.

Have you had a chance to check your archived zapcodes, as well as zapcodes on other accounts you may have?

If so, could you please send me the zapcode? I’ll be able to check our system and let you know if the zapcode is assigned to an account.



ok, thx, Sebastian!
Attached is the code that we had printed on marketing materials. I’m still trying to figure out how this happened on our end…

Any alternate ideas would be greatly welcomed :slight_smile:


What did you to make the zap?
On line tools or ZapWorks studio?



Not 100%, It’s been since April, but pretty sure I used the designer tools online, because it’s just a single video on a tracked image.


Hi @mgood,

Apologies, we can’t find the image you sent over on our system; it’s not being recognised as a zapcode.

It seems this is due to the code having been edited. For example, the ‘bit’ highlighted below is thinner than a regular ‘bit’, which is something that wouldn’t be produced through ZapWorks.

As the zapcode isn’t being recognised we’re not able to determine what the original zapcode was unfortunately

Regretfully there’s not much we can do in this situation, but if there’s anything else we can do to help while the issue is rectified on your end please let me know.

All the best,


ok, thanks for trying :slight_smile: