"Unable to process frame" on Firefox/Android with Zappar/ThreeJS

Black screen on Firefox/Android after giving camera permission (no issue on same device with Chrome)
Application is Zapper demo https://github.com/zappar-xr/zappar-threejs-instant-tracking-standalone-bootstrap

Agent Connected:Firefox 101.0 on Android
log: Zappar for ThreeJS v0.3.41 17 seconds ago
log: Zappar JS v0.3.17 17 seconds ago
log: Zappar CV v0.3.16 17 seconds ago
click 15 seconds ago
log: Unable to process frame 9 seconds ago
log: Unable to process frame 9 seconds ago

Firefox Android on Ulefone Armor 9

No workaround found yet.

Hi @eds,

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I believe that I have answered your support ticket, but just in case - I wonder if you have success after updating the Firefox app? I was able to successfully launch the experience using a Google Pixel 4a with Firefox 102.1.1.

Please also ensure that your camera is not being used elsewhere (app or browser tab) as this can cause conflicts. :camera: :x:

For more information about supported devices, please click here. For specific platform support information relating to the Universal AR SDK for Three.js, please click here.

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