Unable to load 3D model: Failed to fetch


I’m trying to import a 3D that I received from a third company, but when I try to load it into the project I receive the message bellow. I’ve had a similar problem once, but the cause was the name of the file. This time I don’t have any special character, so I believe it might have something to do with the export properties of the 3D object. Any hints?

Thanks in advance.


Anytime I have a problem importing models I open them in an editor and resave them. sometime I even have to change them to pod files to make them work.


Ps. Make sure they are following Zappar’s Docs… https://docs.zap.works/studio/3d-models/exporting-3d-models/


Thanks for your response, Steve!

I will request the company who created them to do this change.

Thanks a lot.


You’re welcome hope it helps.