Unable to import .fbx and .glb files from Blender to Zapworks


Greetings, everyone. I’ve been plagued with this issue with importing .fbx and .glb files from Blender into Zapworks Studio.

Below is the link to said problematic files:


For the .fbx file, it just looks super wonky once I export it into Zapworks. For the .glb file, Zapworks refuses to import it and instead showing an error as per the image attached (TypeError: Cannot read property ‘id’ of identified).

Appreciate if anyone can help me with this issue.

I found a way using glTF 2.0 format. Some updated blender documentation would be nice. I didn’t know it would be so painful to have a model from Blender… lights are also very problematic. Many users seems to have problems.

It also took a long time to create an FBX with Blender, which is displayed properly.
Problem, the Exported Obj. would not read in Studio Import. The mesh was destroyed.
The model was created with a 3D scanner.


  1. Import model
  2. Reduce Mesh. The output for me was 200k areas
    To do this, put the modifier “Decimate” on the model and set it to 100 K or less for the Collapse option.

Then start the export with blender with the following setting.

I hope it helps.