Unable to check camera list

Hi! I just started here, I’m trying to test on Unity after I get is a grey screen when testing on WebGL chrome+mobile. I get this error: Unable to check camera list.
I’ve put my camera name which is Microsoft HD-3000, not sure if it’s related to ® symbol since the camera name includes the ® sign. I tried with and without the symbol, and tried Unity versions 2019, 2020, 2021. all same result. please help

Hi @amit

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It should work across all Unity versions. Can you provide some more info here:

  1. Which UAR version are you on?
  2. Where are you getting this error (grey screen), editor or browser?

You shouldn’t have to bother with manually entering the camera name! The SDK will automatically detect the list of available devices and present you with dropdown option in editor. And in browser the appropriate camera device will be selected based on Use Front Facing Camera value of ZapparCamera.