Unable to access ZapWorks

Hi guys, i got a problem when i try to publish my project on another account (logout then login another account). It show that “Please check that you have a good network connection.” but i don’t have any problem on login or my internet.
p.s. i have try reinstall the ZapWorks Studio two times and reboot my laptop, but still doesn’t work.


i have the exact same problem. reinstalling did not solve it and adding a custom rule in the firewall settings dit neither.

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Hi if you still got this problem, I think its a bug and there’s a way to go around it. What you do is export the whole project file. then open a new file, import the exported file into the new file, then open the exported file within the new file then you’ll be able to Publish

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MAC OS X User, updated Studio. Uninstall/Reinstall did not fix the issue. I can’t just copy and download the project either. I downloaded the saved project and created a new file to import the old one. I STILL cannot connect to the network or account. I had to recreate 3 projects by hand since I can’t drag and drop between projects.

Please fix this. I literally lost months work of projects that I have to spend hours to recreate now.

I have found a work around.You must log out via the Zap Icon(Thunderbolt) in the upper left of studio.
Thunderbolt icon > Sign out of ZapWorks > Exit Studio >Open Studio > publish/sign in

i am facing the same issue. anyone got the solution please?

i had the same issue :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
nothing helps me(((