UI looks rubbish on iPad


Hi everyone

I have a question - how can i ensure a scene is going to look good across different devices? I have groups of buttons, all aligned to z.screenleft or right, and they are working fine, but some pointerup images are appearing in all sorts of weird places, making it all seem a bit amateur.

Does anybody have any advanced answers to this question? Bear in mind I already know about using buttons and groups of buttons and screen co-ordinates.

I must have missed something!



Hi @technology,

As well as the article on coordinate systems, we also have a video which might help explain the different relative to properties in more detail.

Do you have any screenshots of your project or the UI issue you are explaining? Feel free to post them on here if you do, we may be able to give some pointers. :slight_smile:



Hi George
Thanks for responding - it might be that I am putting a UI together in default screen setting, which looks great, but then if I change that setting to iPad it looks a bit rubbish - HOWEVER - since reading a few other bits of advice, it looks like designing everything on an iPad template then means that the UI works across all other devices without too much loss of design integrity. Do you think that’s good general advice?