UAR WebGL build doesn't work in iOS chrome


Hi there,

I was using the Universal AR package for Unity before Christmas but had to move back to Zapworks Studio since I was experiencing too many issues with the state of the SDK at the time. Another project has come up that requires the use of UAR so I decided to give it another go, unfortunately some of the issues still seem to be there.

I was wondering if anyone has managed to get a Unity WebGL build to run on chrome for iOS I get the camera permissions pop up but the camera never activates it’s just a white background, this is an instant tracking project so I’m never able to place the AR object but I can see that the app is running by using the UI and listening for sound effects.

I have also noticed that although the app runs really well on Safari the 3-5 second delay where the white screen appears before the camera initializes is also still a thing. Is there any way to speed this up?

Last question I know someone else has already asked this in the forum but is there any plan to support URP any time soon? This would give a huge performance boost to mobile WebGL experiences.

Thanks for any help.