Tutorial for non-programmers


Hi guys,

a total newbie here, just want to know if you guys have a step by step tutorial for us non programmers?



Hi Imran,

Our Studio documentation is the place to go for articles, tutorials and step by steps.

We don’t currently have any ZapBox specific content up (we will have specific tutorials for ZapBox) but in the meantime it’s worth getting yourself familiar with Studio as that’s the tool you’ll use to build content for ZapBox.

In particular we recommend checking out the following sections from that page:

  • Getting Started
  • Tutorials
  • Scripting

The latter has a primer page which introduces some of the concepts of programming.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:



I must have watched that 10 times, and my none IT brain says no, never mine the computer.

Am keeping trying though, the ambition to create a 3d Ar figure for school keeps me plugging away.

Willing to pledge to a kickstarter for 3d animation for dummies !