Tutorial for create own world

Thanks, I have now dowloaded ZappBox beta tesing app to Android and testes ZapWorks Studio with demo content. Every thing works fine with my LG G3 device. Now I like to creat my own world whre I can find simple tutorial?


Hi Sami,

i think it was mentioned by Simon couple of updates ago that they were working on some tutorial and they’ll be out soon. To be honest judging the way this whole project was managed (they were pretty much on time with all the milestones) i think we’ll see those tutorial very soon. In the meantime studying the documentation might be useful, from what i understood ZapWorks Studio will be the same one for the first couple of releases of the app, so learning the IDE is not a bad idea.
Hope this helps.


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The link to the documentation is “ZapWorks Studio Documentation” under the new/open/import project buttons. They’ll help you learn the IDE as Vittorio said, I imagine the tutorials they make will build off the documentation

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Hi all,

Thanks Vittorio and gemr1035! You’re right - we’re working on a video that should help you get started building content. In the mean time here are a few links to get you going:

ZapWorks Studio Introduction Video
ZapWorks Studio Docs (in particular the Getting Started section)

These videos talk about using Studio for building traditional AR content, but many of the principles and tools will be the same for building ZapBox content.

Also worth noting that we are going to make changes to Studio to make it easier to build ZapBox experiences in the future!



I would really like to see more info on how to make 3d objects. I’m new at it and it looks like i have to use a pod editor after I use something else. I would really like a simple way to draw out what I want (or find one made online) and just put it in the studio but can’t really find pod files out there. I can find what I want but it’s in other formats.



Hi Steve,

You’re right that POD format is our primary 3D format. That said Studio does have experimental support for FBX and a number of other formats - just drag them into the media library to give them a shot. There should be an export workflow from most 3D editing tools (e.g. Blender, Maya, 3dsmax) and many 3D repositories online have FBX models.

For the nitty gritty details we have an article on the docs site about 3D support:


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You rock. I got a FBX file of a minecraft Axe and made it in to a POD file. :smile: I added it to the zapbox demo changed the flower to the Axe. I can see it but it’s to big and off to one side of the controller. Any pointers or docs you think would help me?

Thanks you guys are Awesome!!!

Hey guys

I’m also in progress of learning Zappar’s tools, it’s slow learning for me when it comes to the coding side of things since I come from a “traditional” Graphic Designer for print background, however I do have a fair amount of previous Blender 3d experience and I’m currently working on integrating Zappar’s tools into practical solutions for my current and future clients. I’ll be happy to help out and give advice where I can. We can learn, grow and innovate together. Having said that the Zappar team is awesome with regards support and answering questions, but the guys are probably also obviously very busy I reckon, so a online forum like this is great for general troubleshooting on the go etc!

Let’s make some magic!!! :slight_smile:



Hi Steve,

Thanks for you kind words :blush:

There are two ways you can achieve that - either select the object you added under the ‘leftcontroller’ group and set the position and scale properties on the left; or double click on your 3D model under Symbol Definitions on the right and make the changes in there. If you use the latter method then the changes you make will affect all instances of your 3D model in your scene. You can then tap the cog top left of the screen to return to your full project.

The symbol definitions are the way we support building modular projects with reusable components. When 3D models are imported they become symbol definitions by default. There’s more details about them over at the docs site (https://docs.zap.works/studio/subsymbols/subsymbol-overview/).


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Thanks Len! Your support is very much appreciated :slight_smile:

After some time and playing I got my controler to look like my axe and works with the button!!!
now I was looking in to the codes in the demo and found buttonTriggerRegion web page info missing. page comes up as missing.


Hi Steve,

Yes - apologies! We’re still finishing up the TriggerRegion documentation. Have left a note to post here when it’s published.