Trying to map my livingroom


recieved zap box all looks great it read controller ir read squares on box but cant seem to map room. i have all discs on walls but they all read as red circles. even when i map all 10 discs when red nothing happens. suggestions to what om doing wrong?


Ok I have them all active now. So I want to play golf. I set them up same as tutorial made rectangle. But when I try play the golf scree is all messed up and I cant play. Not sure what im doin wrong.


Can try to describe in a bit more detail what you get (or post a screenshot)?

It’s worth trying without the lens adapter first to see if that works - just make sure the lens toggle on the menu is set to off, and that you don’t have the adapter attached.

It’s important that when you’re building the map you have some views from an angle (not just from directly above). See the map building help thread for full info on what happens in the process: