Triggering face tracking with an image


HI all,

im not a programmer and really would appreciate some help with this .

I want the users to scan an image which would then launch a face tracking experience, I gathered that this can be done using deeplinks, my question is how do you find the deep link of an experience in studio?

the documentation says " calling Z.device.deepLinkId()returns the deep link for the current zapcode, without the` prefix.". I apologize in advance for my ignorance here but, how does one go about calling Z.device.deepLinkId()?



Your deeplink is on the website where your zap codes are. If I remember it’s on the right side of the page after you click on the tag you would like to use. You will have to copy it to your code.



that’s rather simple :), thank you so much for the assist!!


No problem. It took me a bit to find it the first time as well.