Trigger action when Timeline Ends ( Spinning Earth)


I want a project to start off with a spinning globe ( timeline) and then when it ends it triggers Menu from the HIDE to the SHOW state AND HIDE the Globe. I can’t find that anywhere :slight_smile:


You’r looking of on complete of the time line.
I’m not looking at my laptop but this one my need to be scripted.



Thanks for the reply Steve, Hen you get back to your laptop it would be great if you could send that code you are referring too.



I founds the ZAPPAR sample on that and figured it out. Thanks for the guidance Steve! YOU DA MAN!


Do you have a link to the sample code? Looking to do the same thing. Thanks!


Hi @stephen.bedser and @ilabouz,

You can simply drag a timeline into a script which will give you the option to create an event handler. Using the complete event handler will run whatever you put within it when the timeline has finished.

So for @ilabouz’s example:

symbol.controllers.Globe_Controller.elements.Spinning_Timeline.on("complete", () => {

This would activate the Menu controller’s SHOW state once the Spinning_Timeline was comleted.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:



Thanks George! :slight_smile: