Trial views limits


Hi! I want to create a simple zap project and share with my friends for example. If i will use trial version of middle account will i have 2,5k views for my account? Or can i pay extra 25$ while using a trial version to increase number of views?

So in fact, can i use a trial version for a small demonstrate project and use some thousands of views?


Hi @y.v.sahon,

Thanks for the question.

You can find out lots of helpful information on CPV (Cost Per Views) over at our docs site -

There’s a FAQ section towards the end of the article that should clear up any questions you might have.



Hi @George
The linked page you included in the text you posted was a non-existent page. Please tell me the correct page to link to.


Hi @1planet,

I believe that this may be the page you are looking for.

This page has a comprehensive breakdown of what you can expect for each plan, in addition to a helpful FAQs page.

Have a great day!
Francesca :blush: