Transparent video poblem


Hi! I´m learning to make transparent videos that would play in Studio and followed instructions. But why am I seeing some side “chosts” at the video as seen in a screenshot:

The center of the image plays allright. I Tried if Icould narrow the plane without scaling the video (so that the white side images would disappear) but there is no option about that?

It would be awesome to learn this :slight_smile:


Hi @markus.kartano,

Please try scaling up the color and mask texture.

Both are assigned to the video plane, scaling this will stretch and distort both of these textures.

If you are still having trouble, feel free to send the ZPP file you are working on to, where we can take a further look at it.




Yes, thanks! I figured that out and made another successful video.

I find out that I should half the video plane x scale while doubling both texture´s x scales. X positions also 1 for the color and -1 for the mask. Then it worked fine!