Transparent background for 360 panorama


Hi there,

I wonder if it is possible to have a transparent background for the photo sphere in a 360 panorama project.
I have created a 360 picture with a transparent background and different images on this background. My idea is to create a photosphere that shows rows of images around a center node, preferably as an object on a tracking image. You should be able to see your real surroundings through the margins between those images.

I have tried so far to set the color of the sphere on transparent but that would make the images transparent as well…

Any ideas?



Yep you can. You have to use a png image file.
I took the park one and deleted the canter of it and added it back in to the Interactive 360 Panorama demo.

Here is the 2 images one is the main jpg and the 2nd is the new edited png.

Working zpp file:
transparent Interactive 360 Panorama.zpp (3.9 MB)



Hi Steve - once again thank you! I have worked with a png so far but I suppose I made a mistake in the settings. I will check that. By the way: Is it possible to use a photo sphere on a tracking image as well?


Got it: wrong settings - layer mode of photosphere must be overlay, recorder meshes opacity. Now it works fine and I can add buttons for multilingual functions and hotspots.
Thanks, Steve!