'Transition Out' not working

Does the ‘Transition Out’ functionality not work?

I have a scene where I was creating a countdown, so I have the “3” scale down into view using the Transition In settings and then I have the Transition Out set to fade out after a delay of 1 second. And then it would go on to do the same with the number 2, and 1…etc. The transitions in all work properly, but the transition out doesn’t work – the numbers don’t fade out like they should.

I thought maybe it was a limitation of the tool, and that the Transition Out would only work if there wasn’t a Transition In set…however I tested that too by having an image without any Transition In setting to just do a fade out using Transition Out and even that didn’t work.

Am I missing something? There isn’t much detail at all provided for Transitions in the documentation.

Hi There,

Have you added a second scene that you are transitioning to?

The ‘Transition Out’ effect occurs when a scene is navigating to another scene and defines how the current scene leaves. For this reason, the ‘Transition Out’ effect relies on a following scene and will not work with a single scene by itself.

We’ve documented this on the Scene Transitions page but it’s the same for individual content transitions as well. We’re also working on a video tutorial that describes transitions in a bit more detail as they can be tough to get your head around without seeing them visually explained.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


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No, there isn’t currently a scene following it…so that explains it. My thinking was that the Transition Out could be used as a way of hiding an object currently in a scene by specifying a ‘delay’ time, but that makes sense. I guess what I’m trying to accomplish won’t work then, as I want to have a ‘3’ - ‘2’ - ‘1’ each animate on and then an image show… but without having some kind of background shape behind each number it ends up looking funny with just a stack of numbers on screen.

After first reading your response I was thinking I could accomplish this with using the Scene Transitions functionality… but I can’t figure out a way to get one scene to jump to the next scene without having someone tap. Is there no way to just have it go to the next scene after x amount of time?

You can also use the ‘On Finish’ action of a Sound or Video object to transition to another scene as mentioned on our Designer Actions documentation page.

So you could have an audio clip that lasts the length of the animation that then transitions to another scene once it has finished playing. This audio clip could just be a silent file, meaning you wouldn’t actually hear any audio. It’s not the intended use for the tool but could be used to get the effect you want.


Ok great, glad to know there is at least a work around to accomplish what I want. Thank you!

Hi Mark,
I saw that the “On Finish” action only applies to Videos and Sound clips and will only transit to another scene once it finished. That means we have to edit videos and sound clips to fit in the transitions. This calls for additional processes outside Designer. Any upgrade to Designer to eliminate this outside processes?
Also It does not have this “On Finish” action on Images. So back to the original question, how to enable Transitions from one scene to another if they only contain images?
Any advise?


Hi Daniel,

Unfortunately, there are no other workarounds for this unless you place a button in your scene for the user to tap on to go to the next scene.


Hi Mark,

That’s a pity. Hope this can be included when the software is updated.
Thanks for the reply


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The “Transition Out” function has stopped working. It is all according to the instructions with the transition to the next scene and no setting is working.

Hi @w.magdziak,

Could i double check that you have an action in your initial scene that activates the next scene e.g. a button tap, a video finishing etc?

The scene transition option sets the effect the scene will use when transitioning, but does not itself activate the scene transition.

Hope this helps.

All the best,

Hi. I am having issues with “Transition Out” not working suddenly.
I have 4 scenes consisiting of images and photo albums. I have set each object to fade in one by one and then fade out one by on transition to the next scene. I have set an image to activate the transition to the next scene on tap.

The transition in works fine but transition does not. Each element just disappears on transition.

I have done this succesfully with 6 other zapcodes this week and can’t understand why it is playing up on this one.


Hi Ryan,

Could you please link me your zapcode so I can take a further look into this?

Please be sure that, if you are scanning a printed zapcode, to publish it before trying to scan again.