Training Image Upside Down


When I train an image to be on a wall, it shows up as upside down.


Ok that’s a new one.
So is the tracking image its self upside down or what you are tracking to it?

Next. Does it flip when you rotate your device?

If it’s the tracking image I would open the master image file in a photo program and check if it’s the right way. Resave it and make a new tracking image.

If it’s what you are tracking then you can make a group and rotate it 90. Then place your item in the group.

Last if it flips it could be an orientation setting.

Hope that helps


It was series of images taken with an iPad. When viewed in other programs, they were up the right way. When they were added to root, they showed up upside down.
We fixed it by snipping the original images and saving as a new file.


Glad you got it to work.