Tracking Image


Hey I’m having doubts about scanning the code and track the image
My question is that if I can scan multiple codes and still the exprience of them while I’m watching other, like see various at the same time?
And also if I can scan the code and bring the experience to other place like not just wher my target is.

I’ll be so thankfull if you can help me resolving my doubts:)


When you scan a code it loads your program. So no you can’t have a 2nd scan running inside another.
You could call a new scan which would look for your new tag or if you use a deep link it would just open it.

As for you bring the experience to other place… Yes and No. you can move your experience to the but then it wouldn’t be tracked to a target. Or you could have the same target elseware to relock on to.



Thank you a lot!!