Tracking image not displaying

I am following the image tracking with 3d animation example from online and when it comes time to replace the tracking image. Every image I replace it with turns out to be a checkerboard. The image I am trying to use is of high resolution and I imported it by training. I am correctly changing the source in the heirarchy. Please help me figure out why my image won’t display. thank you!

The checkerboard means something is wrong with your image that causes ZapWorks to be unable to train it.

Just off the top of my head, the most common image tracking problems I face are:
-Color space. All tracking images must be in RGB color. CMYK photos will result in the checkerboard
-Image size. If the image is too large, you may get the checkerboard. Try exporting a smaller version of the image. It should still be able to be tracked as if it was the full resolution
-Image dimensions. Sometimes if the image isn’t a standard photo size, you may also see the checkerboard. Try resizing the tracked image to be a standard resolution (suchas 1024px x 512px)

As always whenever image training issues arise, I recommend going through the “What Makes A Good Tracking Image?” page and the Image Tracking documentation.