Trà-Art - AR Exhibition with 2D & 3D Animation


Hello everyone!

I collaborated with Marcus a 3D artist to participate in an exhibition called “Tra Art”, in the French Institute in Hanoi, Vietnam last June :smiley:

We think it was a really fun idea, especially we never did anything like this (before this project, I’ve always been a 2D animator, Miyazaki kind of artist). I think we both learned a lot from using Zappar and our mindset of working with very technical aspects of a project has shifted for the better.

We worked on this project for 6 months, from the moment of brainstorming to the last moment when we were still rushing to publish the project just before the opening ceremony with a lot of guests and people from the press and television.

During the 5-week display, we got a total of 6784 zaps for the 10 artworks that we made.

I am very thankful for the team at Zappar for their attentive help at any question I had while working on the project :blush:

Via the link below you will find our project and the videos of the whole integration of AR to the paintings on display.

And, um…
In this page you’ll also find Support Me, if you liked the work that we have done please consider donating. We worked on the project for 6 months and although at the end the exhibition was organized by the Insitute, everything else was out of our own pockets :money_mouth_face:
In return, I can answer any question about how we worked on the project, from finding ideas and pitching the project to the institution, to creation progress with all my knowledge about After Effects, Photoshop, TVPaint, Blender, PVRGeoPOD, and share with you the Zapworks projects. If you just want to donate, it’s great too :slight_smile:

If you want to follow me on facebook, Pipou Animation is my page :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Phuong :crazy_face:


This is awesome Phuong, I am glad that the project went so well :smiley:

The artwork and experiences are incredible! Thank you for sharing