Total noob... please help me


Hi all,

Im new here, and would like some help with a few things if possible?

Firstly, my names Edd, and i run a custom LEGO printing business in the UK. Im always interested in working out new ideas, and learning new apps etc… and AR is right up my street!

Im basically trying to incorporate some zap codes into some LEGO models im building… the aim is to have 3d models of characters appear in each different scenario of the build…

I have managed to figure out how to make a zap code…but i cannot work out how to change it from the standard “coming soon” notice, to my own 3d model, or text.

I have tested it out with the sample business card demo file, and it works well. So, id like something similar, but obviously with my own 3d models, and info…

Is this possible?

Can anyone point me in the right direction on how to get it to work?

Thanks in advance,


Hey @eddpearson80,

We have quite a few fans of LEGO here at the office so your project sounds very exciting! :wink:

The Coming Soon message appears on zapcodes which do not currently have any content published to them, so it sounds like you’ll just need to publish your project to your zapcode for you to be able to view it through the Zappar app.

We have some more information on the steps to take on this article from our documentation site.

Hope this helps. Make sure to keep us posted on how your project comes along over on the Show and Tell section of our forum.

All the best,