Tilt Brush to ZapWorks Studio


Hi there! I’m trying to import an .fbx file I exported from Tilt Brush into ZapWorks Studios. However, whenever I do, the textures don’ seem to load properly and appear invisible.

In google poly, it opens up just fine and looks like this.

Is there a way to fix this?

And if possible, is it possible to made the model as vibrant as the original here

Thanks in advance!


Hi @yc1,

This is a really cool looking model and Google Poly shows it off so well. Unfortunately, as you have found out, it doesn’t import into Studio correctly.

We notice that the model has particle systems and brush stroke created mesh’s, both of which are not supported in Studio.

Could I ask you to double check that your model adheres to Studio’s 3D requirements? If it does, could you then check if the model was exported using the export settings from our Exporting 3D Models documentation?

Could you also please send through your 3D model (including textures) to support@zappar.com, for us to take a closer look at?

Hope this helps!


Okay, I sent an email. Thanks in advance!