Thinnest Device Simulation is not the thinnest out there


Issue: In Zapworks Studio, you can simulate different device sizes to see if the UI works on each of them. There is a device simulaton called “thinnest”. The problem is, nowadays there are devices thinner than the thinnest available option. Studio needs to be updated with new device sizes, I don’t think it was ever updated.

This is the screen my client got on a phone that is thinner than the thinnest device simulation option:

Why is this a problem? I created a UI that should work on the thinnest device on the market, but the client’s phone is thinner than the thinnest option Studio offers, so the UI broke.

Affecting: Zapworks Studio

Workaround: Set the UI’s scale at runtime based on its aspect ratio fetched from the resize event. This is the most correct way to do it anyway, but there was a time that using the device simulation would suffice, and I still think Studio should be updated to reflect newer device sizes.