Thin line PNG file


I created a plane. Mapped a png to the plane and when I position it I get this fine edge. I double checked the png and there is no line there. I even cropped off some of the image to see if I could get it to go away. Still no effect. What am I missing here.




Is the line showing up when published? I’m just asking because bezier curve lines do not get shown on publish and this might be a similar scenario. If not then you could just ignore it. If it is showing up then it obviously needs fixing. It’s most likely a positioning issue as you’ve hinted at.

To track it down requires some elimination. Can you get the line to hide if you make set the mapped plane to not be visible, or perhaps some other element? Is it always visible?

If you zoom in on the line does it have a colour? If so, can you change the colour? Can you select the line at all, this would show on the left which element it’s attached to.

just some ideas… good luck


I will try hiding the line inside the terminal. That is a good idea. I did explore material color. Good thoughts. I still havent figured out how to make that plane face the camera rotating on its axis. I saw the module on z.billboards but couldn’t get it to work.

Thanks for the tip.



You were right! It doesn’t show up once rendered. Thanks!


Don’t know if you got to the bottom of this issue, had me scratching my head for a while before I worked it out…

The reason why you see a thin line is because your transparent png is tight to the image. Add 1 pixel all round and the line will go.