The support team is not responding.How do I get money back


The support team is not responding. I paid the Starter tariff. But I can’t use it. The weight of files from Unity 3d is more than 300 MB. Yes, my mistake, although I could not have imagined that everything would be so big. In ZapWorks Studio, these 3d models weigh 12 MB. How do I get money back for something I don’t use?


FYI they are in London. You may have to wait till they are back in the office.



OK… I know that Zappar is British. It is very cool, I compared it with other similar sites. The question is in other. Can I get the money back?:smile: And it would be even better if I could use my tariff and make a Unity 3d project up to 25 MB. How is this possible? :roll_eyes: Because I think it’s impossible…So I think, an unpleasant trick on the part of Zappar. :cold_face: I’ve been waiting a week for an answer. For me, this is already the answer.


Hi @zizi-xsa,

Apologies that you haven’t received the email from the support team. My colleague Adam replied to your last email on the 30th September. Here was that response:

"On your starter plan, you will get access to all of our Universal AR SDKs, including Unity, not just with our pro plans. You can download our Unity SDK by going to . The only difference between the starter and pro plans with the Universal AR SDKs is the project size allowed - starter plans can upload files up to 10MB, where pro plans can upload up to 25MB.

To include your .zpt file into your project, please check out for a guide on how to do this."

In regards to the question in this thread, can I ask how you are building your Unity project and what assets you are using? It’s very rare that after the building process is complete that you’ll be left with a file that size. 25MB is definitely an achievable file size when using the Zappar for Unity package.

If you’d like to speak to us about a refund or information about your plan, please get in touch with us at



George. I wrote on the 30th September too. No response. But, let’s say, you give me a Unity3d file that weighs 10 MB, some kind of example. So that I can take it apart and understand what the difference is? I claim that there are no such files from Uinty 3d. There are separate scenes…Agree. But, the whole project is big.


Hi @zizi-xsa,

Here’s a Zappar for Unity example that contains a 3D model: (5.3 MB)

^ Feel free to download this and upload it to a project on your ZapWorks account.

You can also find a number of examples made using the Unity package here -

Please note, when publishing / deploying, you aren’t uploading the main Unity project files and folder. You must first build the project for the web and then upload the resulting ZIP file that contains an index.html and other optimized assets. You can learn more about that here -

Hope this helps.