The new Designer version is horrible

I have started to use the new version of Designer since the old one was full of bugs and it was exasperating to be able to do any project.
I was hoping that they had fixed all the problems that the previous version had and so it seemed.
The problem is being able to enter the project. At this moment I have been trying to load the project that I am doing for more than 10 minutes (right now it has 5 scenes), which is also the repetition of another that I was doing and which I have never been able to access again.
I have bought 30 projects to use as support for my students but I think it is the worst money spent in a long time.

This company, which I want to believe was serious, to this day is not worth it at all since, in addition, it does not answer my questions (I have made two and they have not responded to any).

As soon as I find another application that allows me to make presentations of the same type, I will leave this one forever.
I am sad to say this because I was very excited to use this application for my students but it has disappointed me enormously, as well as wasting my time to unsuspected limits.

Hi @vicente.seco,

We’re sorry to hear that you aren’t enjoying our new version of Designer.

We are classing the current version as an open beta and are aware there might be some bugs, because of this, we are asking our users to tread lightly and to test thoroughly when publishing live projects. That being said, it does sound like you have run into an issue with this specific project. For us to troubleshoot and fix this, it would be great if you could send the project URL to

We are openly asking for user feedback while the tool is in open beta and we’d love to invite you to participate in a feedback session, which will ultimately help us improve this tool into something all our users are happy with.

We can organize a call to help diagnose this specific issue and to get any feedback you might have, once we’ve received the project URL into support. I’ll personally keep an eye out for this and make sure it’s prioritized by the team.

Designer definitely sounds like a great tool for your use case and we hope you will stay with us while we make these improvements.