The Last Defender

Hi guys,
Working again on a game for this entry! Stay tuned! :wink:



Love the art work.

Working on my game as well.


So, here it is:

Not perfect, but I just need to focus on something else… :smile:

For the 1st part, don’t forget to rotate your device along the 4 possibles orientations…
Hope you’ll enjoy! :slight_smile:

And don’t hesitate to report any bug…:beetle:


Hi Jean,

It’s awesome, particularly like the different control modes depending on orientation.

One thing a few of us here at Zappar HQ found a little confusing was the ability to launch the game only from the off target prompt. Was there a button we missed on the tracked content?


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Hi Mark,
I’m glad you like it! :slight_smile:

No, there is no hidden button on the tracked content…
The idea was to be able to play the game, anytime, without the tracking image.
But you are right, I should add one…

Thanks for the feedback,

Ok, it’s fixed! :wink:

There seems to be a bug, where the autolock mode only works if I switch to manual mode first. Amazing game!

Thanks Marks! :slight_smile:

You are totally right! I have forgotten to make a proper initialisation of the “firing mode” status.
I have to take a look at that…


No problem, glad to help! Same thing happens when the wave changes. What’s the deal with the cargo pod? I managed to capture it some times but I didn’t notice anything changing. Maybe it’s because it happened so fast.

When you’re firing you’re loosing energy ( check the “NRG” indicator on the left… or top ). Capturing the cargo pod allow to refill your energy to 100%.

Almost forgotten… made a small user manual! :smile:

TheLastDefender.pdf (1.1 MB)

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I like the manual! Very nice detail information and I like the model on the first page.

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