The best way to use front camera


The are two camera location in our smartphone, front and rear generally. I tried rear camera to scan Zapcode and it worked very well. I have not tried front camera to scan Zapcode yet. Is there any good showcase to scan Zapcode with front camera?


Hi @david.choi,

Though either camera can be used to detect zapcodes, using the front facing camera to scan them is not a use we generally see.

As most experiences created using ZapWorks rely on the tracking image being in the camera view, using the front facing camera to scan the experience in most cases won’t make for great UX as the user won’t be able to see the device’s screen if they have to place the tracking image in the camera view.

There is a way to prompt the Zappar app to use the front facing camera once an experience has been launched by using the useFrontCamera() function.

Hope this helps.

All the best,