Target manipulator Rotating in all directions

has anybody converter existing sub-symbol “Target manipulator”, to rotating object in all directions, not just around vertical axis?

Originally, on pointerDown event, we calculate difference between start and end point of horizontal swipe, then we rorate for calculated amount.

If not, maybe some sugestions, how to aproach to solve this?
Which functions to use…

Thank you,

Hi @interactive,

This type of functionality would require more complex math calculations.

If you import a 3D photo feature subsymbol to your project you can refer to the script nodes within its onScreenObject subsymbol, as well as this symbol’s rotator subsymbol to see how multi-axis rotation was set up.


Hope this helps.

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This does not rotate on all axis. Only up/down or left/right. How can we do something like this (import any model - you can rotate on all directions, even diagonally)?