Target manipulator and buttons


Hello zapping people. How can I have a target manipulator to manipulate a 3D object and have buttons on it that activate animations?

What I mean is to have both… the user can rotate the object around and then tap certain areas for more content? Thank you for your help.


Like the skateboard you can rotate and explodes and goes back together?

I would set your buttons to z.screen and then hot spots to the model.



Thanks Steve. I will try that!! ;-)…
Eeerrrr. I am doing this Steve, not sure if I understand what you mean. I have placed a hotspot on the model… and a button set to zscreen…
Where do I put the buttons? On top of the hotspots?


The button disappears when I put relative zscreen.


Is this what your looking for?
The White bar is a slider.

Target manipulator and buttons.zpp (995.4 KB)


Oh I see. You did the manipulator in a slider! That is a good solution. I was thinking about the manipulator on the actual object. So yes I can use a slider. ;-). Thanks Steve, that is great!


Just remember if you have a manipulator on the object make sure it doesn’t cover the hotspots.