Tap toggle between "photos"


Whats a easy way of toggling between photo slides (text in a image)
I want to have a Info icon, that when tapped shows a photo with some info text. and when I tap that one, it’s replaced with another photo with some other text in it and when I tap that one it goes back to the info icon (or just dissapears)

I can’t fint any tutorials on this.


Hey Peter,

If you are talking about Designer, one way to go about doing this is by creating multiple scenes:

  • Create buttons which, on tap, link to the other scenes.
  • Create multiple scenes, depending on how many different photos and text you want to show.
  • Duplicate the scene which you are happy with to different scenes.
  • On each scene (you duplicated to), change the photo and your text to the desired one, and change the buttons to link to the correct scene.

Hope this helps, and if you have any other questions, please let us know.



this is for Studio :slight_smile: forgot to write that

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Hi @peter,

Please take a look at this thread. :slight_smile: