Tap to Place Button and Circle

In all of the instant tracking examples shared, there is a tap-to-place/tap-to-reset button and a circle target that shows up. Is that available in the Unity SDK or able to be downloaded somewhere? I get the buttons and the on/off - I am not 100% of how it places and unplaces. Any clarity would be awesome.

Hey @destery,

I hope you’re keeping well!

The Zappar Instant Tracking Target in Unity exposes a PlaceTrackerAnchor() and ResetTrackerAnchor() function. You can use this on a button (or two) to place and reset the tracked content.

There’s a video tutorial on our documentation site that shows a “Tap to Place” button being setup (see below).


Unity - Animated Avatar with Ready Player Me

You can setup another button on the canvas called “Reset” and have it disabled by default, then just enable it when the “Tap to Place” button is tapped and call the ResetTrackerAnchor() function (the opposite to what is shown in the video above).

Hope this helps, let me know if you’d like to see a quick demo and I can put something together.


Thanks, George. I didn’t even think to watch that video. It makes sense now.