Hello, attach zpp file, that has symbol and subsymbol.
when i will click on the button on the right bottom button, it will active and play the subsymbol.
the parent file has another button, a menu button that when i click on this button will open a link.
the issue that, when the subsymbol show, I still have the option to access the parent button.

how can i disable this button ( menu button ) when the subsymbol will show and be active?

how to make it (3.0 MB)

attach also the zpp file .


More explanation in the attach screenshot


Friends, any update, it suppose to have easy solution .
Thank you for your time and support .


Hi @eliaskhs,

You can create 2 states for the button in the middle.

  • One state will be enabled, allowing the button to be interacted with.

  • One state will be disabled, meaning that the button will not do anything when touched.

An example of this can be seen below.

Once you have the two states, drag and drop the disabled state, into the pointer down script of the question mark in the corner and activate it.

Don’t forget that as you have made it disabled, you will need to re-enable it once the menu is minimised again. This can be done much the same way, but adding the enabled state instead.

Hope this helps,



Hello George, thank you for your update, the first part i did it, i dragged the disabled state in pointer down script of the question mark.
but how to re- enable it ?
where to drag the Enabled state ?


good to mention that we are working with 2 different symbols .
i need to open the symbol, and re-enable and add there state, when i close it to show the menu button that located on another symbol, how to do that?


Hi @eliaskhs,

Please have a look at our step by step tutorial on ‘Using Math.random to increase re-scanabilty’.

More specifically chapter 17 and 18 explains how to insert a reference to the Subsymbol and then add an event once it is closed. You will then have to re enable the button once this event is called.

Hope this helps!