Swipe target manipulator up and down function


Hello does anyone know how to use the target manipulator to swipe up or down as if you are reading a list? I have looked the target manipulator template and in the [in-depth explanation] but they just show scale and rotate.


Hey @larnell32724,

Give this subsymbol a try - Scrolling Menu.zpp (4.5 KB)

It should be set up for you to drag it into your Symbol Definitions panel, then into your Hierarchy. It has two referenced properties and an attachment point. The UpperBound property should typically be 0, LowerBound being the limit for the scrolling. The just simply drag in your content to the Screen Content attachment point and see how it performs :slight_smile:

With this being a custom example (not documented), we won’t be able to provide any custom support or troubleshooting, but feel free to download it and play around to get an idea as to how a scrolling menu can be set up.

Hope this helps.


Scrolling up and down

Thank You George I will give it a try