Swipe Left and Right


Hello Zap workers

I would like to swipe left and right. I have followed some previous links in this forum but I still don’t know how to do as it didn’t seem clear to me. I have tried the “pointermove” but the instructions of the documentation don’t have an example so all I want is to swipe left and the object turns left and the same for the right. I have a 3D object and I am using a plane to trigger the rotation. The only thing is how to swipe the thing.

Any help or maybe a little tutorial would be wonderful thanks.
Very much appreciated


Hi Milenne,

Please have a look at the target manipulator symbol and the in-depth explanation that goes with it!

This allows an object to be placed into an attachment group where it will become ‘swipeable’ and ‘resizable’!

Hope this helps and let us know if you have any issues. :slight_smile:


WOnderful George. Thank you :wink: