Support for objects made in Paint3D

While you have great tutorials and information on using .pod files, and I have gotten .fbx files created in blender to import with a little care about settings when saving them, I am thinking about people who are less experienced with modeling and/or programming. I know that pretty much anyone with Windows 10 now has easy access to Paint 3D, and have observed that it is a limited, but very intuitive tool for people just starting that want to try and make their own models with no experience in more complex tools.

Although Paint 3D can save models as .fbx I have not been able to load them into Zapworks without altering them in another program first, as they use some kind of multi-texturing, and perhaps other unrecognizable formatting.

I think being able to import these files, even if it is necessary to alter them in some way during the import that lowers their quality, would add a lot to the accessibility of Zaworks Studio, and maybe even open possibilities to people creating with Designer and Widgets.


I think I read that they are going to add more support for 3d models.


Hey Bradley,

Have you sent over an example of an Paint 3D model for us to investigate? If not feel free to upload one one here so I can pass it onto the internal team to take a look at.


Paint 3D (format .fbx and .glb) is still not supported in Studio. The model itself load in Studio (only .glb works), but it won’t show once published. Kindly add this feature as it will be helpful for beginners to create a 3D model in Paint 3D.