Support for Multiple Targets


Hey jvouillon thanks for share this. It’s very good for me!

I have a question: How can i increase the image tracking detection? I’ve create a third trackingImage symbol but only detects the trackingImage_0 and trackingImage_1

I read the code but i’m not sure where you increase the targets tracking.




Change the number in “++trackingImageIndex>1” to one less than the number of your tracking images since its zero indexed.

function nextTrackingImage(){
trackingImageIndex = (++trackingImageIndex>7) ? 0 : trackingImageIndex;
trackingImageDisplayed = Z.Symbol(“trackingImage_”+trackingImageIndex);


Hello everyone. I have a general question I’d like to get input from staff and users in regards to multiple targets.

If you have a project such as an intended AR picture storybook that you want to release in multiple languages, would you recommend creating one overall zpp project and one zapcode for all of the different versions or having a zpp project and corresponding zapcode for each of the different versions?

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Hi everyone, would it be possible to track multiple images while using the Universal SDK and frame for example? fromwhtI’ve understood it should be, right?